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Hpa Pts PDR-C

IMG_0361Lets take a quick look at my CQB gun. I decided to go with a pdr because I really like the design and the compatibility with m4 mags.

internally I have a wolverine hydra smp, I decided to go with hpa for this gun because I wanted to make it stand out even more and I like the performance benefits. other than the smp it has an orga wide bore barrel, prommy purple bucking and a R-hop, this makes this gun extremely accurate and consistent.


Externally I decided to keep it simple with a micro t1 style sight and a replica PEQ 15 box with a light and a green laser. over all I must say I love using this gun for either CQB or field play.

Do you use hpa? what’s your opinion on the pdr? tell me in the comments below. ~EldestRock