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Milsim West Strike On The Steppes Gear Prep

I am proud to say I get to go to Milsim West’s strike on the steppes as a NATO. Milsim West is a Milsim company that focuses on immersion into the game, the events run for 40 hours with no breaks. As you can imagine this means there is a lot of preparation necessary.  Here is how I am going about it.

packing list

First step is to look at the packing list, find out what you don’t have and order it. Then its a good idea to lay everything out and make sure you have everything on the list. IMG_5324

This is the food I decided on. Lots of high energy and protein snack food, and 4 full meals with heaters. The reason I chose what I did was I am sure that I will not be able to sit down and eat all the time, I want food I can eat on the move, but I also want to have hot food when I do get to sit and eat.



Next is the primary weapon. What I use is a krytac CRB so that’s what I’m bringing. One very important thing to remember is extra batteries for your optic and then some form of backup, for me that is the stock front sight post and a flip up rear sight.

Another very important thing is high quality eye protection, one pair clear, one tinted, its not necessary to have a tinted pair but because this event is overnight you want a clear pair. Thermal lenses will help prevent fogging so I recommend either finding ones that come stock with them or buying it after market.



One of my priorities is staying warm and dry. Because of that I got nice gloves, a base layer, a good quality coat, and for sleeping I have a bivy sack, a sleeping bag, and a pad.

The AO (area of operation) for this event is huge, roughly 3300 acres. For that reason you need a good pair of boots, I chose the under amour tactical valsetz boots because of the sturdy design and light weight. IMG_5342
These are just some of the things you will need for this event. I am really excited for this event. I will post a event recap/review after this event. ~Eldestrock