Upgraded Krytac CRB Overview


This is my main outdoor gun, I sent it to umbrella armories to be upgraded! They installed a 16 tooth shs piston, a cnc aluminum piston head, a zci cylinder head, and a aluminum  o-ring nozzle, that along with the stock cylinder make up the compression parts. For the gears they added a zci steel bevel gear, short stroked the sector gear and added a m130 spring. As for the electric system a black talon concepts specter was installed with a retro arms trigger that was modded to be a hair trigger. It has a total travel of 4mm and 2.5 before it shoots. The only other change was the addition of a R-hopped 6.05mm pdi barrel.


Starting at the back I have a PTS ubr stock installed, I really like the look and operation of this stock.


For optics I have a replica elcan specter DR with a micro rds on top and a set of magpul flip up M-Bus iron sights.

I decided to go with the umbrella grip because the ergonomics work very well for me.

IMG_0348In the way of rails I went with the madbull licensed Daniel Defense mk18 rail. I like the design and look of the rail and only added a few things. First is a laser light combo with a pressure pad on the other side. I decided to go wit h manta rail covers for the sides, partly for the ability to hold the pressure switch. for my main grip I went with a magpul rvg and a XTM hand stop kit so that I can get multiple different grips with the same setup.




To round it off I have an infinity core storm suppressor on the end. what do you think of my gun build? I would love to hear in the comments!  ~EldestRock

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  1. How did you get the UBR installed? I just purchased a PTS UBR, but I can’t find the install kit anywhere 🙁

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