Plate Carrier Layout Update

During the last few months I have been quite busy, both with airsoft and with my personal life. For that I apologize. I plan on uploading a new article weekly if possible. now into the gear!

For starters I have completely changed the carrier I use to a shellback tactical banshee, I chose this particular carrier for few reasons. Namely that it is a low profile set up that fits everything I need and in a way that doesn’t feel bulky on my body.


As you can see in this picture the front is dominated by extra magazines. This is so that I can easily grab them when I need to with the help of the magazine assists by magpul. I run 3 HSGI tacos on the front molle panel and the shellback tactical 2 mag insert for my kangaroo pouch. This stagers the mags and makes it extremely easy to find the one I want and remove it. I also cut down an old sling I had and ran it through my shoulder loops, this puts the weight of my gun directly into my gear rather than having a strap around my neck.


On my left side near the front I have 2 more mags to make a total of 7 on my pc. I have one inside my pc in a bfg ten speed m4 mag pouch.


This lets me have another mag that doesn’t take up room on the outside and the pouch becomes super low profile as soon as the mag is removed. In addition on the left I have a elite force dead rag that I have modified to be completely removable. For milsm games I carry a tourniquet pouch that holds my msw tourniquet, this is a great way to keep this handy. if for some reason I need a knife I keep a fixed blade on my kit. Then just as  precaution I have a real first aid kit.


On the right I keep it simple with a general purpose pouch and then a radio pouch!


All I have on the back is a tyr tactical hydro pouch that I either have a water bladder In or my hpa tank.

Thanks for reading! tell me what you think in the comments.