Strike On The Steppes-Overview

Over Memorial Day weekend I had the pleasure to go to Milsim West’s Strike On The Steppes. Milsim West takes Milsim to the next level, a lot of people, once the game starts treat it as if it were real, this adds to the immersion of the event, and along with almost the entire command structure being current or former military, makes these events very unique.

When you first arrive and park you get out and get your gear checked to make sure you have at least the minimum required for safety.  Then you go through the crono which is where you are issued your initial supply of 500 bbs. after all of that and lots of waiting,


you and your gear are loaded onto a truck and moved to your combat outpost.


Then the fun part starts… digging. Each person has to dig their individual fighting position as well as help on the machine gun nests.

Starting our machine gun nests
Starting our machine gun nests

If you do them right they look scary as anything.

Finished nests
Finished nests

You cant tell in these pictures but there is a layer of sandbags over the top of both to protect them from mortar fire. The way that mortars are done at Milsim west games is different from anything I’ve seen, the person operating the mortar fires a blank, and tells the admin the grid they fired at. The admin then goes and drops a rather large firework at the location of impact. If you are within the blast radius then you are considered wounded.

The individual fighting positions are done differently. They are roughly six feet by two to three feet and eight to twelve inches deep. With a wall of sandbags in front and a drape of camo netting you are set!


My bed from the back…


My bed from the front.

One amazing thing that happened at SOTS was the fact that I got to meet Airsoft-obsessed Dave


On Sunday morning we mounted a massive attack on the Russian base, three of the four platoons started out on foot toward the Russian base,


while the other came from the other side on the vehicles.

I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of the actual combat, but this event was way beyond anything I have ever experienced, if you have the opportunity to go to a Milsim west event do it, you will not regret it. ~EldestRock