Plate carrier layout

This is my personal plate carrier set up. A lot of people do this very differently than I do, but this is just what I’ve found works for me.


The plate carrier I use is the condor quick release plate carrier, the reasons I chose this one is the large amount MOLLE webbing, and the high quality materials used.


On the front for this event I am using three HSGI taco pouches. these are excellent pouches and I use them all the time.



I also have my admin pouch and half of my sling. The admin pouch is made by tactical tailor and has a removable map sleeve and many retention slots. I decided to modify my sling to have it run through my shoulder pad and connect to the MOLLE webbing on the back. This lets it hang freely without putting strain on my neck as it puts the weight directly into the load bearing equipment.



On my left side I have a general purpose pouch. In the front flat pocket I put a piece of hard plastic wrapped in duck tape to protect the contents of the pouch.

Because this pouch has elastic holders I decided to keep my extra batteries in here. It is important to keep your batteries from getting shot to keep the cells from being damaged. I also have a spare pad of paper and pen in this pouch.




On my right side I have another GP pouch. On the outside it has Velcro for attaching patches, if you pull the front down you see the ID panel, if you lift up you have pen slots and a medium sized pocket. I use this for beef jerky.

IMG_5377The main pocket is quite large and perfect for holding anti-fog, a headlight, an extra speedloader, and a phone.



The hydration carrier I use is the condor hydo carrier with zipper pockets. In the top pocket I have a MRE from Evike, and in the bottom a warm coat and a spare mag.

This is what I run, its all about what works for the person, this happens to be what works for me. ~EldestRock

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